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by eastern -       Dec 13, 2011

lots goin on at the moment...first thing is to keep this new page hummin'

first up the announcement of new years this year at the brewery with friends comrades and harbour union alumni the unfaithful ways, delaney davidson, and lindon puffin...for free!!! it should be big and bold and beautiful!!!

tonight!!!! the openin' of the dux live in addington...we'll be playin' and helpin' warm the place up!

sat-a very special xmas hagley geodome

23rd-adam solo at the geo dome with delaney and the tiny lies

and rhythm and alps on the 29th...grandmaster flash is know like the godfather of the turntable!!!

also right now in a little corner of dallington among streets and streets of abandonded houses we are making a new record for y'all...

we're thinkin late feb may be a good time to leave it on a few street corners and we'll be passin a few as we'll be on the road feb/march/april/may/june...and look out australia we're linin' y'all up for april and may!!!

so stay safe friends we'll see you up the way or down the front of the bar...


the eastern