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by The Eastern -       Oct 30, 2014

Strange times abound around here…its hard to keep focused but we’ve got a record coming out on Friday, maybe the best one we’ve made. We’re touring both islands and the world over the next 18 months and we have to keep walking carry weight and shedding it…I don’t have the stomach for hyping our shit much it doesn’t feel like the best time, yet here we are with so much to do so much to say and share…

So here goes…

The Album ‘The Territory’ comes out on Friday…we’ll have many copies at our release shows in lyttelton and diamond harbour this weekend…Friday and Saturday night at Lytteltons Top Club (that’s on Canterbury street up the hill past London) and Sunday afternoon at the diamond harbour hall…

Tickets for all shows can be purchased here:


You can pre-order the album on itunes right now and get an advance download of the ‘Stepping Razor’

You can also head to


And preorder physical copies of both CD and Vinyl copies of the album

Speaking of vinyl ‘The Territory’ although a single CD will be released as a double LP on 180gm vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, all copies will come with a download code.


‘The Territory Tour’ will be long and vast and by the time we’re done should be around 70 dates in NZ alone, not counting Australia or Europe…basically if you’re there we’re comin’

As well as Lyttelton and Diamond Harbour we’ve announced shows in




Stewart Island





tickets for all right here

apart from oamaru which you can get here


And we’ll be announcing more and more over the coming week…


We’d also like to say thankyou to the kind folks at the wheatsheaf in adleaide for having us and also at the Fleurieu Folk Festival where in spite of all we did our best to soak up the spirit(s) head over to their page and you can watch us singing a lil’ Sam Cooke after we dragged the audience outside to watch the sunset…and damn if Keith Potger from the Seekers (YES THE SEEKERS!) didn’t jump in on the action


Thankyou South Australia


Also if you’ve gone this far the news keeps goin’

Adam did a long interview with the ‘Under the Mic’ show on the most fm in New Plymouth you can listen to it here


Also a couple of weeks back nick from rdu here in chch came out to our weekly wunderbar table top acoustic jam/session/band practice and recorded us playing songs we’re learning including the first practice of the song the territory! (I warn ya its rough!)...we also shot the shit a lil’ about all kinds of stuff…listen here


And also that week we teamed up with Allright here in chch they’ve been running (amongst all of their other excellence) these things called spontaneous bursts of joy and they had the idea of sending us out into the community and playing for deserving folks over a day so heres a little link to the video etc.

Allright is such a wonderful thing and we’re more than proud to be able to put our shoulders to the wheel


It’s important to ask if folks are all right, its important to feel like you can say whether you’re allright or not…its so simple, but carries so much importance…

Which brings us here to the final link (thank god you sigh!)…

I mentioned in our last post up here about love and how strong and badass and neccasary it is…here is a song from ‘The Territory’ talking about such…